"There knowledge of the medical world is simply outstanding an breathtaking, but I was most impressed with the way they taught the class. It was a breath of fresh air. Anyone can spiel off PowerPoint but first aid coaching used there owns technique which was a lot more interesting and easier to take in. I can highly recommend first aid coaching ."

John Dorgan

"Our memory favors fun and stimulating experiences. If someone were to sit down and try to design a perfect first aid course, they would fall short of the delivery through Real First Aid. I have been on a few first aid courses - this not only changed my perception of what first aid is about, but altered my understanding of how to teach effectively"

Mary Power

"Having done one before that was up for renewal (with a different provider) I hadn't expected to learn much new. How wrong I was! The thoroughly in-depth knowledge combined with creative delivery meant the course was a breath of fresh air and although the topics were familiar, it felt completely new too. I never knew first aid could be this much fun! What really topped it for me was that they welcomed questions specific to our individual working environments which I have found invaluable and definitely made me better leader"

Adam Collins

"I have attended several first aid courses over the years and like most people, I find it increasingly difficult to stay awake, let alone take in the important information. This course was great, he kept you on the edge of your seat and wide awake. I truly believe that I have learnt first aid for the first time"

Niall Horgan

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First aid Training


First aid Training